2016 Indoor Cycling Series II

Our program gives you access to professionally-coached workouts that are tailored specifically for triathletes. The aim is to make you a better cyclist by focusing on strength, stamina, and technique – and along the way you’ll have a lot of fun training with your friends in the club.

Spaces are FULL for this series.

Santa Cruz 70.3 progression (all members welcome)
June 13 – September 19 (NO class on July 4th or on September 5th)
Location: SHIFT, 901 Sansome St @ Broadway (North Beach)
Coach: Felicity Joyce
Fee for 13 sessions: $250 (plus Eventbrite fee)

SHIFT classes focus on cycling form, efficiency, and increased power through varying intensity of training. This series is structured to train you for the Santa Cruz 70.3 in September, but all members will benefit regardless of their next race. The workouts at SHIFT are developed by professional triathlon coaches. At SHIFT, you get full service where their team attaches your bike to a CompuTrainer. Then you take control and ride by adjusting cadence and power watts. The coach for this session will once again be elite triathlete and coach Felicity “Flick” Joyce, who is also coaching the Santa Cruz 70.3 training group. The first class will include a time trial to get a baseline against which you will measure your improvement at the end of the 13 weeks.


Parking: 901 Sansome St | Ride your bike there since you’ll need to use it in class! Metered street parking is generally available near the studio. Be sure to curb your wheels if you park on hills or you will get ticketed.

Logistics: Arrive 10-15 mins early so the staff will have time to mount your bike on the trainer. Check-in, then head to the locker rooms where you can change and, after class, take a shower (shampoo, body wash, conditioner, lotion, towels, hair dryers provided by the studio). The coach will guide you through calibrating your trainer’s computer to your bike.

Shoes/ what to bring: Since you are on your own bike, you’ll bring cycling shoes for it. Consider switching to an older or tougher rear tire since the trainer works by applying pressure/friction to your tire. You are also recommended to bring a water bottle. SHIFT provides towels and has snacks and food for sale. You can also pay to "valet" your bike overnight(s) at the studio.

Anticipated Questions

Why did the price for SHIFT increase?

We are charged a fixed fee by the studio to cover their staffing and overhead. In the first series we created pricing with the assumption that we would have a certain number of single-class drop-in sales. We didn’t have enough of these to break even, so our break-even pricing this time is covered fully by those who register for the whole series. This price is still lower than their regular pricing ($35 drop in, $349-10 pack).

If I drop out can I get a refund?

You may request a refund up to June 1; we will refund you minus $50 deposit. Since we pay the coaches in full up front so we cannot refund you past those dates.


Drop us an email at spin@sftriclub.org. 

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