On this page, you can sign up for one of our popular, triathlon-focused indoor cycling classes.  Spaces are limited.  The only way to secure your slot is to click on the link below and complete payment via EventBrite for the specific class you want to take.  These slots are available ONLY to SF Tri Club members.

We have two classes available for Series 3:
SERIES 3 (13 weeks) - August- October 2014
Registration opens on Monday, JULY 7th at 6pm via Eventbrite.
Once all slots have been filled in a class, the link will show as sold out. If "Quantity" shows an "N/A" for a particular item, registration may not yet be available for that item, so please check registration "Start Date".

Small print for non-members: Your membership status will be verified before your slot is confirmed so please ensure you join the club before signing up.

M2 - Michael McCormack
Location: M2 Revolution at 1440 Bush (Nob Hill)
Wednesday class from 6:45 - 8:00 pm
August 6 - October 29, 2014

SHIFT - Tyler Stewart
Location: SHIFT at 901 Sansome St
Monday class from 6:30 - 8:00 pm
August 4 - November 3, 2014 (no class Sept 1, 2014)
This class is shared with Golden Gate Tri Club; we have 20 dedicated SF Tri Club spots.

Our Instructors:
M2 Revolution
: Train with power (watts) at the M2 Revolution s
tudio and pick the brain of owner/instructor Michael McCormack after class with his breadth of knowledge as an Ironman champion himself. 

Tyler Stewart: Train with power (watts) and your own bike at SHIFT.  Tyler won back-to-back Overall Female Amateur titles at the 2005 and 2006 Ironman World Championships before deciding to turn pro in 2007. In 2011, she won the Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3 and recorded the fastest ever Ironman Bike Split at Ironman Texas of (4:42.40). When she is not training or racing, she manages her San Francisco Bay Area business, WAGS.


Our indoor cycling program gives you access to professionally-coached “spin” workouts that are tailored specifically for triathletes.  Our aim is to make you a better cyclist by focusing on strength, stamina and technique – but along the way you’ll have a lot of fun!


For classes at M2 Revolutions:


Street parking is generally available near the studio.  There is also a parking garage on Bush Street just after Polk. 


When you arrive to your first class, check in with the SF Tri rep, then head to the locker rooms where you can change and, after class, take a shower (bring your own shampoo and towel).  Gather on the rubber exercise mats until the previous class finishes and the participants have wiped down the bikes.  Then select your bike and get set up.  M2 will guide you through set up of the cycling computers.

Shoes/ what to bring

The spin bikes at M2 have pedals that take Shimano SPD cleats only. You are also recommended to bring: water bottle, towel to wipe sweat during class, towel/shampoo if you wish to shower after class.

For classes at OMpower (not offered for Session 3):


Street parking is generally available near the studio. There is metered parking between Townsend and Colin P. Kelley.. The second half of Townsend has free two hour parking (between Townsend and the Embarcadero). There is also two free parking on Colin P. Kelley
FYI: If you park on Townsend you must back your car into the parking space or you will get a ticket.
Paying for parking: Please bring quarters however you can use a debit or credit card to park. From 6-10pm its .50 cents per hour (non-baseball season, special event rates apply).


When you arrive to your first class, check in at the front desk and with the SF Tri rep, then head to the changing rooms where you can change,store your things and get ready for class. Return to the reception area where you can wait for the pervious class is let out. Once the cyclists have cleared out, you may enter the studio and select your bike.

Shoes/ what to bring

The cycle bikes at OMpower have pedals that take SPD cleats and cages for tennis shoes only. You are also recommended to bring: water bottle and large towel to wipe sweat during class.

IMPORTANT: Use of a heart rate monitor is highly recommended for this class. It will be the key way you will monitor your performance. If you don’t own a heart rate monitor and want recommendations, please email spin@sftriclub.org and we'll try to help.


All of our classes provide a great cycling workout that will build your strength and stamina to a noticeable degree during the 13-week session.  Shannon’s classes will focus a little more on technique and will also teach you how to use heart-rate to monitor your performance in training and in races.  M2’s classes focus a little more on power and strength and will use power monitoring.  In general, we direct folks new to triathlon to Shannon’s classes but experienced triathletes will gain much from either class.

If you want some help choosing which class is right for you, drop us an email at spin@sftriclub.org and let us know your level of experience with triathlon, cycling and spinning as well as your goals for the season.  We’ll be happy to provide more info and a recommendation.  

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