Board of Directors

For general inquiries please contact us here. You may also reach any of the board members or program coordinators directly using the links below.

Adam Smith
2015 President

Bharath Sitaraman

Andria Bouskos
General Counsel
Liz Abbett
Co-President and Secretary
Jesse Yates
Mandy Messer

Deb Clearwaters
Bike Officer
Christine Daigle
Rowie Regala


Amy Yip

Zero to Sixty Coordinator

Pippa Blockley

Chief Financial Officer

Randy Schwemmin

Membership Officer

Ellie Beyers
Tri2Help Officer

Emily Hardy

Tri2Help Officer

Nathan Rapheld
Chief Technology Officer

Conrad Camit
Social Coordinator

Damon Miller
Sponsorship Coordinator

Angela Yang
Sponsorship & Vineman
Training Weekend

Nina Vyas
Swim Coordinator

Alexandra Simonsen Augustin
Swim Coordinator

Vernon Kwan

Uniforms Coordinator

Mary Ann Jawili
Track Coordinator

Albert Rojas
Track Coordinator

Kevin Schneider
Run Coordinator

Stephanie Doniger
Spin Coordinator

Kate Allison Farmer
Training Weekend Coordinator

Vic Colburn
Training Weekend Coordinator

Kristy Hessman
Communications Coordinator

Deirdre Geary
North Face/Fall Trail
Running Coordinator

Steven Gard
Welcome Wagon Coordinator

Tracey McCormick

Ironman Training Coordinator

Jim McCormick
Ironman Training Coordinator

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