2015 San Francisco Tri Club Sponsors
The Club would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support!

ARM hosts runs and clinics, as well as offers custom running apparel and gear for all types of runners. ARM also sponsors fun runs Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm and Saturday mornings at 9am. 


At Big Swingin' Cycles, we bring a rare blend of technical acumen, cycling professionalism, and passion for the sport, married to a "main street" friendliness and attention to service that is rapidly disappearing in bicycle retailing. Everyone on staff is technically competent, spending time on the sales floor and in our workshop. Members get discounts on select bikes, wetsuits and apparel.

Xterra Wetsuits offers the highest performing triathlon wetsuit at the best value. They confidently stand by their claim of making the world's fastest wetsuit, and their sponsored athletes have the records to back it up. Their triathlon wetsuits were born in San Diego – the birthplace of triathlon. They design them with four key components in mind – comfort, speed, buoyancy and value. Then they test them themselves, in Mission Bay, home of the first ever triathlon in 1974 – the XTERRA Wetsuits Mission Bay Triathlon. 

GU makes sure you can focus on training and reaching your goals in upcoming races. Breathe easy and leave your gels in the hands of the energy food experts at GU. Just suck down a packet of your favorite flavor and go (big)!

Sports Basement
Sports Basement is a sporting goods retailer with four locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and an online store. We take pride in selling the best brands at basement prices. Members get a regular discount on most items.

Eventbrite believes in helping members gather together to learn, grow, get inspired, feel connected, get healthy, give back, and celebrate. Their technology facilitates our gatherings and enables all of us to share our passions as a club. 

If you are a runner, cyclist, triathelete or just an active person, Road ID is for you. In the event of an accident, if you can't speak for yourself, your Road ID will. It's not just a piece of gear - it's peace of mind. 

Rudy Project sunglasses incorporate advanced materials and design elements to ensure you're absolutely comfortable on and off the field of play!  Our sunglasses are among the most durable sport eyewear on the market today. Rudy Project has been committed to technology and technological innovations that offer unique solutions for athletes and weekend warriors.

The runcoach™ training technology is the only adjustable, algorithmically fueled training resource for runners on the web and we've guided thousands of runners to date. In layman's terms: we're a bunch of running nerds that are obsessed with helping people run more and better. Members get a free membership when they purchase a track pass.

Total Immersion is a foolproof approach to teaching, brings results far faster than conventional methods and helps any student master a fluent, efficient and beautiful technique. Members get a a discount of the Weekend Immersion Workshop.

3d Bike Fit San Francisco is a dedicated fitting studio that has developed its own in-house practices based on industry leading protocols to generate the most optimum, effective and dynamic bike fit for any type of cyclist. This process redefines what a fitting is. Members get a 15% discount on every service that they perform by using code SFTRI15. This code is good through the end of March 2014.

Scientific studies have found, “that which is measured, improves.” TrainingPeaks is more than just a place to log the intimate details of your workout. We’ve turned years of research into tools that will take the raw data from your devices and turn it into useful metrics and trends so that you can achieve your personal best. Members get a discount off the Premium service.

VO2MAX SSI is a new sports science center in San Rafael, CA that is focused on providing a one on one working environment with athletes and providing services to help you reach your individual fitness & health goals. Their services are tailored towards both the super athlete and for someone who wants to understand how they can start the process of a healthier lifestyle.

TorHans is committed to bringing you the fastest, most aerodynamically efficient hydration and nutrition products for your bike. At TorHans, they dream about making things invisible to the wind.   

Chiro-Medical Group is an innovative collaboration of health care professionals who work together as a team to promote optimal health. Our group includes experts in the fields of medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, nutrition, and personal athletic training. Members get discount on select services.

Cutting edge treatments for runners combined with biomechanics expertise and the old fashioned convenience of house calls and direct physician access. Members get a regular discount off services.

Presidio Sport & Medicine is a sports medicine clinic dedicated to providing the highest quality care possible, offering an array of health and fitness services to help you reach your goals.  Our comprehensive care includes physical therapy, Active Release Techniques®, AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill®, massage therapy, Pilates, video gait analysis, fitness evaluations, personal training, and group classes.

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