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Rooted in swimming since 1973, Arena uses their passion and expertise to create a second skin for all your aspirations - from training to competition and even the much needed rest days.

In addition, Arena is committed to being transparent about where their products are made and building a sustainable business with due respect for customers, partners, and the environment.

Club members receive 30% off racing gear and 25% off other products from the Arena store - www.arenasport.com

A Runners Mind

ARM, the Bay Area's local running and walking specialty store, hosts runs and clinics, as well as offers custom running apparel and gear for all types of athletes. Committed to the community, ARM also sponsors fun runs Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm. As their name implies, they truly care about the complete runner. Running isn't a sport, it's a passion. Come visit their two stores in Laurel Heights, SF and Burlingame or join an ARM race

Club members can expect monthly pancake and mimosa runs led out of their store, free tech shirts for those who attend the monthly runs starting from March, participation at track workouts as well as a place to rack their bikes when we have “brick” workouts later in the season. Club members also get 10% off in store, 15% off during SFTC events and $5 off all ARM Production races. 

Sports Basement

Sports Basement is a sporting goods retailer with four locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and an online store. They take pride in selling the best brands at basement prices. Become a Basementeer and receive 10% off your entire purchase and donate 10% to a charity of your choice! 

Fitted by Pedro

Pedro's goal is to make you comfortable on your bike using multiple fit methodologies. He takes into account any issues you are having on your bike as well as what your athletic goals are. He talks you through each step of the fitting, explaining what and why he's making the changes and adjustments. He'll discuss what you will feel on your bike as well as what you can expect on race day or just a normal ride around town. It's always good to ask someone questions who has done your sport and that's Pedro. With over 13 years experience, his ultimate goal is to make you a better cyclist. Rated #1 on slowtwitch.com

Club members receive $15 off both road and TT fits.

Clubhouse Velo

Clubhouse Velo is the only bike fit studio in San Francisco owned and operated by a physical therapy practitioner. Allen Kuo, PTA takes a body-first approach, beginning every bike fit with a comprehensive physical assessment to understand your unique physiology for optimal positioning on the bike improving comfort, confidence, and performance.

Club members receive 10% off Essential and Performance Fits.

Speed Hound

Founded by a local triathlete, Speed Hound is a premium quality brand dedicated to serving multisport athletes.  Our products are created to withstand the demands of professionals, yet priced for the everyday athlete.  Unique product offerings include highly visible open water swim buoys, foldable bike travel cases, fun and functional transition mats, and high quality recovery systems packed with value. 

SFTC members get 30% off most products! 

Rudy Project

Technically cool. With a firm conviction to improve the performance of athletes around the world, Rudy Project was born. With their products found at races around the world, Rudy Project specializes in helmets and sunglasses. Their sunglasses incorporate advanced materials and design elements to ensure you're absolutely comfortable on and off the field of play. Rudy Project has been committed to technological innovations that offer unique solutions for athletes and weekend warriors. 

Club members receive 40-60% off all tri gear.


Refuel right. GU makes sure you can focus on training and reach your goals in upcoming races. Breathe easy and leave your nutrition in the hands of the energy food experts at GU. They're constantly coming out with new flavors and products, ranging from gels to chomps, rehydration and Roctane drinks to electrolyte caps. Just take your pick and go (big)! #GuForIt! 

Club members received free GU gels in their membership welcome bags and will receive samples at training weekends and certain workouts. Members also receive up to 40% off their entire purchase of GU products.  

Zealios Sunblock

Zealios products are designed & tested by top endurance athletes. The entire line is made with high-quality & long-lasting ingredients to stand the test of the hottest days, sweatiest adventures and toughest elements. We give athletes like you confidence and peace of mind to perform at your best without worrying about your skin & hair products.

The Zealios product line includes:

Sun Barrier SPF 45: Zinc-based and water resistant sunscreen that doesn't burn your eyes and dries completely clear.

Betwixt: All natural anti-chafing chamois cream designed to protect and restore skin cells (Bonus! It won't stain clothing).

Swim & Sport: Sulfate-free shower products formulated to gently remove hard minerals like chlorine & salt. 

Club members get 25% off their purchase. 


UCAN delivers smarter energy. UCAN has various products including bars and drinks that provide long-lasting energy and is different from the other types of carbs commonly used in sports nutrition products. Members receive 15% off all products and 50% off the Tri Starter Pack (retails for $35). Find more about everything they offer here

Total Immersion

If swimming feels uncomfortable, you tire easily or increasing distance is a struggle, the culprit is energy waste, not lack of fitness. The solution isn't swimming more or harder; that only imprints "struggling skills" and leaves you exhausted.

Coach Stuart and Coach Mandy teach the Total Immersion method and movements emphasizing core swimming techniques developing sound swimming mechanics of balance, streamline and propulsion. Learn to swim freestyle with fluid efficiency, enabling you to swim your first mile, a faster mile, or more miles. You'll also learn to enjoy healthful swimming more than ever before.

Private and semi private lessons, and whole day workshops are offered. Club members receive 20% off all day or weekend workshops.  

Renew Physical Therapy

Renew Physical Therapy practice was founded in the philosophy that we don’t simply treat our patients: we empower them to renew their bodies and their sense of self. All programs and services embody this philosophy. In addition to physical therapy, Renew offers spine care, sports specific therapy, adolescent therapy, pelvic health and wellness, posture and ergonomics, fall prevention and headache management.


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